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Rant Page
Crois moi, it's boring!
Moving hay is "ugh." I have hay down my clothes and my hands ache. The guy who brought it kept calling everyone "honey," etc and it really annoys me.

Halloween was "blah." Too much to do to really enjoy it.

Am just starting my nanowrimo project. Busy day so I don't have much done.

Also have been watching Forever Knight episodes again. I'd forgotten just how much I missed watching that show.
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January already, so hard to believe. 2007.

I had a decent Christmas. My main present was half of Kamilla, the new Komondor puppy. Pricey. So I didn't get much else, a few DVDs and three CDs. Won't go into much detail about the rest, but thank you rinoakku for the card.

Frosty had her kids last night around 8PM. So tiny! Lucky timing let me see the whole birth, and just reminds me that I NEVER want to have children. She had two bucks and then a little doe. It seems, though, that she's abandoned the first buck. He's weak and cold, and it looks like he didn't nurse. Sara and Mama brought him to the vet, and I'm waiting for them to get back. I won't deny that I didn't want the kids, but I hope he makes it. It doesn't look too good, though.

Diamondnita is 342 days today, so it could be any time for her. Maeglin is also expecting, so I'll have yet more kids probably by the end of the month.

Pictures of Kamilla and (at least two of) the kids later.
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Happy Birthday, misssc!
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Oh God. I just had one of the most TERRIFYING experiences of my life.

We are FLOODED. To put it mildly.

Here's what happened. It's been really dry and hot for a while, but then this weekend the rain came. We were concerned about flooding, but it didn't seem too bad. Yesterday the creek was high, but it didn't get out of its banks. It rained last night, and I was keeping a good eye on the radar, and the storms seemed small and light, so I wasn't too worried. I got up this morning at a little after eight (I slept in, whoops). Looked outside, and some of the horses were across the creek (Meiling, Okage, Dulcinea, Diamondnita, and Gondolina) in the big pasture, and both Fresca and Quelpo were across the creek in the second pasture. The creek was no higher than it was yesterday, so I started using the computer, looking through my e-mail and stuff.

Father came in around 9:00, and told me Kelvar was missing. By then, the rain had gone from slight to heavy. Kelvar was hiding in the bushes under the porch, so I went back in. About thirty minutes later, Sara woke up and went outside to check on the horses. She was gone longer than I thought she should be, so I looked outside, and there was water EVERYWHERE. It rose several FEET in SECONDS. The creek was out, and it had flooded upstream, and all of the water there had swept over the sheep pen. We rushed out there and tried to move Odette (the new Angora goat) who was tied to the power pole. She had some high ground to get to, so we ran out to the pen and waded in. The water was up to my hips, and we finally got to the second gate. The chain wouldn't open. The goat and sheep were gonna drown, and I finally got the latch open. The sheep and goat ran out into the front yard, where the water was past their heads. Anar was literally swimming in it. We got them to the driveway, and they ran out to the yard.

While we were working with the ruminants, Fresca decided to cross the creek. I was so scared watching her. She was up to her head in the water, and even then it was washing her downstream. But she made it okay, and then Quelpo was missing! We were scared that he had tried to cross and couldn't make it, since the rain was still coming down pretty hard and the water kept rising. We raced back to the field, and he was still across the water, but he looked like he was going to go through. Meanwhile, a new problem was revealed. Dulcinea was on one side of the creek, and Inti (her daughter) was on the other. The baby is only three months old, and she kept crying and crying for her Mama. We were really worried that Meiling would try to take her foal through the water. Okage is not even a month old, and he wouldn't stand a chance if he got into the water. I told Sara, "If she takes that baby through the water, he will die!"

The scariest part happened while he were in knee-deep water, doing our best to keep Inti away from the creek. She was with Dreamer, and she was doing a good job of comforting the filly, but Inti was determined to get to her mother. She went down the edge of the bank, but she couldn't see where the creek started and fell in. It was soooo scary. She doesn't even weigh 300 lbs, and she was just being washed away, her little head bobbing up and down. Miraculously, she was able to get onto the bank, and back to safety. She was so scared, too. She didn't try it again. Dulcinea threw a fit, wanting to go in after her foal. Luckily she didn't. Yet.

After that, Father walked up the driveway and across the bridge, then through the top gate and opened the gate to where Quelpo was. He ran through, and after that we let Fresca into the other field. And then, for some reason, Father didn't shut the gate, and Meiling and baby ran into the second field (where Quelpo was). She walked right up to the creek and acted like she was going to cross. While Meiling and Quelpo were running around like fools, Dulcinea took it upon herself to cross the creek. She was nearly across by the time the current got her. She weighs nearly 900 pounds, and she was just washed away like nothing. Thankfully, the water pushed her back to the bank, and she was able to get to the "dry land." About this time, Bobby & Judy (the farrier and his wife) came by to help. Mama called them earlier, and they helped get Meiling out of the second pasture, and then in with Dulcinea and Quelpo. Inti is still crying for her. Bobby&Judy get halters on Meiling, Dulcinea, and Quelpo, and the plan is to walk them over the bridge, up the driveway, and into the third pasture. Chad (my cousin) comes by to help us.

Finally, FINALLY, it has nearly quit raining. There's just a little sprinkle in the air, and the water starts to recede. And because nothing is too horrible yet, Diamondnita decides it's time to dominate Fresca (this is their first time in the same field since last fall). She nearly runs her into the creek, and we're forced to put her (Diamondnita) in the roundpen. Fresca wants to cross the water to get back with Quelpo and Meiling, and she keeps crying for them. I hold onto her, and then Sara walks Dulcinea up the driveway. Inti doesn't even recognize her mother, or maybe she was confused? because it took her a long time to realize she was there. Then, we moved Dulcinea and Inti to the third pasture (on a hill, yay) and I nearly get flattened when Glory and Fresca have a spat. Then Glory and Ghaleon and Dreamer go to the top, and Gondolina runs down to the creek. By this time, we can actually see the edge of the bank, so I wasn't too worried about her falling in. I go after Fresca, who is back at the creek, crying for Meiling. Sara runs Gondolina up to the top field.

For some reason, Bobby/Judy/Father/Chad decides to put Quelpo in the neighbor's cow lot across the road. He flips out. Sara gets him and walks him up, and all the other horses start running around, crying. wtf? I let Diamondnita out of the roundpen, and we put Quelpo and Fresca in. Then, all that's left is Meiling and Okage. I was really concerned that the baby would get hurt on the bridge. He could easily dart off, or get his hooves between the boards. Everything was okay, though, and they made it to the top pasture. Finally. We put out some hay and checked on the horses in the barn, and by that time, the rain had picked up.

We didn't get back inside until 12:30. Now, at nearly 3:30, you can barely tell it even flooded. But it was bad. The road was closed a little farther down. It was up over our fence posts. It washed away a downed light pole. There is all sorts of debris stuck to the fences. Everything is soaked. Just wow. Still not as bad as the flood in Nov. 2003, though. But then we only had four adult horses. Not sixteen, with little ones, too. So now, the killer goat and sheep are still loose. I am nervous. -_- After it empties out some more, we'll put them back in the pen.

So. SCARY! We came very close to losing our horses, and sheep and goats. It was just a nightmare.

Some odd things came from it, though. Glory let Inti nurse from her. 0_0 Wow. That should never ever happen. It was just weird.

I am so glad everyone came out of it okay. I was nearly in tears.

[EDIT] Things keep getting better! Came back to the farm to find the neighbor's cows are loose in our yard! The fence is completely demolished between us. Wonderful.

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From now on, all entries will be:



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Kara is the #381 most common female name.
0.041% of females in the US are named Kara.
Around 52 275 US females are named Kara!
source namestatistics.com

LeAnn is the #719 most common female name.
0.015% of females in the US are named LeAnn.
Around 19 125 US females are named LeAnn!
source namestatistics.com

****** is the #9585 most common last name.
0.001% of last names in the US are ******.
Around 2 500 US last names are ******!
source namestatistics.com

Call it paranoia, but there's no way I'm putting up my whole name on the internet.

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I've had a busy day.
My mom was supposed to have her final chemotherapy treatment today, so she left early. I expected to have the house to just Sara and myself today, with Mama and father back around five, or so.
When I woke up, I drew a picture for Amanda Damana. We talked last night and she called herself a "cyber slut." In response, I drew a pic of Malik in front of a lap top and um . . . never mind.
I wasn't on till about twelve when I decided to IM her. She was set to "busy" and her screen name was basically "R.I.P. Malik-neko." My sister asked me if her cat died and I told her to check her LJ. Turns out her little sister drowned the cat in the bathtub and threw her out the window. Amanda found her this morning and was crying about it. Well, she also said in her LJ that she couldn't even bury her and was forced to throw her in the trash.
It's a horrible experience to lose a pet, and I've had it happen many times over the years. But I've never had a pet's body that I couldn't give a proper burial. Anyway, I IM'd her and told her she could bury her kitty at the creek property. She never replied, and I was very worried. I looked up her mother's name in the phone book, but got no answer. My mom came home at about 1:00 PM. Her white count was too low for the treatment. My sister convinced me to go see Amanda in person. I don't like to visit people, but I was worried enough to visit her. I called several times but never received an answer.
Anyway, I went to see Amanda. I saw her sister a few trailers up, running around. She saw me and ran. I knocked on the door repeatedly and didn't get an answer. I went to the other side and was trudging through the soggy grass when Amanda came around the corner. We talked for a bit. Then I left and told her to call on Sara's cell phone when her mother called her back.
Long story short -- she came around seven. I pointed out the geese and her sister is a brat. We talked for a while, then left for the property. Sara dug the hole and Amanda filled it up and put flowers on top of it.
Then we walked across the creek and walked barefoot all the way to the horse field. Glory is like a large dog. She loves attention and everyone loves to pet Glory.
We talked some more, then Amanda and her mom and sister left.
I went home, fed Buttons, and washed my muddy feet.

This is all.

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Bored today. Still watching The Twiight Zone.

I've been reading fiction and stuff lately. I didn't sleep well last night. I had a very anxious feeling all night. It was very weird -- I could just feel something about to happen. I got out my flashlight and peered through the laundry room windows to see if the birds were okay. They weren't upset or anything, so I went back to bed. There was a lightning bug in the room last night and it kept glowing. I was scared that it would crawl on me so I had my mom put it outside. I think it was happier out there.

That's about all, I guess. I'm kinda tired and everything. I don't really want to go the carnival or the fireworks display tonight. But I know I have to since I promised Sara I would.

Quote of the moment:
Until this morning, everything was normal. I was happy.
At least, I wasn't unhappy.
~No idea where it first appeared, but I'm taking this from The Twilight Zone, "A Penny for You Thoughts" 1961.

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Happy Deathday!
Your name:burasama
You will die on:Thursday, April 16, 2020
You will die of:Serial Killer Victim
Created by Quill

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Four o'clock now. Still by myself -- I will be till late tonight. I think I'm going to play Eternal Blue for a while now. I'd like to talk to someone, but none of my contacts are online right now.

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Hey hey hey! I've just spent the last seven hours working on my Arc the Lad character quiz. I'm feeling very accomplished. Check it out, if you want. I know that it's stupid and pointless and not even mildly amusing -- but it's mine and I worked hard on it.

You are Lieza!  Find out which Arc the Lad character you are!

Find out
which Arc the Lad character you are!

Quiz by Kara-chan!

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*yawns* I'm tired now. I'm searching google to try to find some type of quiz javascript. I spent two hours doing one, tested it, and it didn't work. *yawns* I should probably fo on to bed, but I just can't sleep.

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Nothing much going on here. I've been watching Arc the Lad with my mom. I'm not quite sure what to do about episode 13, in which Elk chokes his childhood friend to death. That's an "iffy" scene because my mother's oversensitive about certain things.
Ah! I love Arc the Lad-- I think I like the anime over the game, though. Probably because of the bishounen factor in the anime. Elk's a cute little sprite and all, but there's something about him in the anime that's just hot. But he's not as hot as Shu. "God," I can't believe I'm writing this. In public.

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I haven't written here in so long I've forgotten how.
Anyway, I was just browsing around in a certain fanfic category -- don't want to name the show, but it was anime. Anyway, I was a reading a description for one and the author had S&M in the description. I couldn't figure out why that person would rate a bondage fic 'G,' but didn't think it would be worth reading. Moving on, a few fics later I realize that S&M stands for a coupling. *Bad baka moment!!*
In other news, I'm convinced my nephew is homosexual (or at least bisexual) and is involved with a younger boy. My pervy little mind is having a field day every time I see them together. But HUSH HUSH, people. It's a secret.
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Yay! I feel so proud of myself! I finished the fourth chapter to my Pan/Nappa fic, AND I have a good idea of everything I want to do in Chapter Five.
My sister's horse had an abcess in her foot. Ouch. At least she's getting better now. It's been raining a lot, so grass is growing again, and the creek is up to a reasonable level again.
I go back to school in less than a month. Ah. No. Help.
I wrote the lady I bought my horse from this week. She wrote me back and told me about her new foals. She has a perlino stud colt (eventually going to be used for breeding). I think she told me that there are only five breeding perlino morgans. I wonder what color a perlino and a palomino would make.
What a boring little life I lead.

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I feel so good right now. Out of nowhere I had a sudden insight for a Kenkeru fic. And it doesn't have syphilis and an obsessive Mexican girl!!!
I just uploaded it. Hopefully I'll get flamed at least once before I write the last chapter to it, I haven't had a good flame in a long time. My fic's about suicide. It's also kind of dark... I forgot the part about the collar and leashes. Maybe I can squeeze it into the next chapter.
I just found a Taikari fic on the net that has promise. I haven't finished it yet, though I get the feeling that Hikari's going to be on the floor giving head to her brother before it's over....
Good night from la-la land!!!!!

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I've just added two doujinshi to our collection. Yummy yummy Digimon incest. Banana Sakana has such good art.
Aside from that, I now have a tablet. I just hope that it's not defective. If it is, I don't know what I'll do...

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Oh well. It looks as though I've just been roped in to going to prom. Damn. I really hadn't intended to go. I just got off of a MSN chat with one of my friends that doesn't live here anymore, and she's going to prom and wants me to come since I haven't seen her in months. Damn.
I just finished reading a mushy Yamato and Takeru brotherly love fic that was supposed to have people in tears. It wasn't that sad. Anyway, :) , I think I'm going to write me a fic where Hikari gets knocked up at age 15. Sounds fun to write when she's not going to know who the father is.

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My mother has just informed me that every girl needs a dress and every guy needs a suit.

I beg to differ.

Every girl needs a suit, and every guy needs a dress!
Things are just so much kinkier that way.

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Every time, every time I post something on a list, I kill the group. Recently, I submitted a fanfic to a booming list, no posts since early March. I'm like a plague. It's happened before on other lists. Agh!!

Oh yeah, I know that last post looked awful. I guess I'll just type them out in here from now on.

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Hey, wow. This is my first time typing in a live journal.

I'm feeling strangely uneasy today. I don't know why I feel like this. I hope I'm not getting sick.

I had an ever-so-fun day in school. That's sarcasm, if you can't tell.
I have a 96 in statistics! Yay! I tied for first place with Blair.
I have a 100 in history. Highest score :)
I came home today to find that my sister had bought an account here. I guess I should thank her for giving me this account.

I don't really know what to write in one of these. I never thought that I'd have one. Tomorrow is my last day before spring break.

I'm still going to try to finish the latest book I've decided to read, Steinbeck's The Red Pony After reading just part of it, I felt kinda queasy thinking about my own horse dying that way. Ugh.

Anyway, I read a most unusual fanfic last night. It was about Yamaki, from Digimon 03. It was written well, but boring as crap. *Sigh*

I'm still trying to figure out everything on this LiveJournal. I'm really too tired to do this right.

I have a great idea for a short story. It's been swimming around in my head for the past week. It's about death, naturally. It's also gonna have some celebrity influence in the plot. It'll be so cool once I get it done.


This is fun. Even if I'm doing it wrong.

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