Kara-chan! カラ-ちゃん (burasama) wrote,
Kara-chan! カラ-ちゃん


January already, so hard to believe. 2007.

I had a decent Christmas. My main present was half of Kamilla, the new Komondor puppy. Pricey. So I didn't get much else, a few DVDs and three CDs. Won't go into much detail about the rest, but thank you rinoakku for the card.

Frosty had her kids last night around 8PM. So tiny! Lucky timing let me see the whole birth, and just reminds me that I NEVER want to have children. She had two bucks and then a little doe. It seems, though, that she's abandoned the first buck. He's weak and cold, and it looks like he didn't nurse. Sara and Mama brought him to the vet, and I'm waiting for them to get back. I won't deny that I didn't want the kids, but I hope he makes it. It doesn't look too good, though.

Diamondnita is 342 days today, so it could be any time for her. Maeglin is also expecting, so I'll have yet more kids probably by the end of the month.

Pictures of Kamilla and (at least two of) the kids later.
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