July 16th, 2003


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I've had a busy day.
My mom was supposed to have her final chemotherapy treatment today, so she left early. I expected to have the house to just Sara and myself today, with Mama and father back around five, or so.
When I woke up, I drew a picture for Amanda Damana. We talked last night and she called herself a "cyber slut." In response, I drew a pic of Malik in front of a lap top and um . . . never mind.
I wasn't on till about twelve when I decided to IM her. She was set to "busy" and her screen name was basically "R.I.P. Malik-neko." My sister asked me if her cat died and I told her to check her LJ. Turns out her little sister drowned the cat in the bathtub and threw her out the window. Amanda found her this morning and was crying about it. Well, she also said in her LJ that she couldn't even bury her and was forced to throw her in the trash.
It's a horrible experience to lose a pet, and I've had it happen many times over the years. But I've never had a pet's body that I couldn't give a proper burial. Anyway, I IM'd her and told her she could bury her kitty at the creek property. She never replied, and I was very worried. I looked up her mother's name in the phone book, but got no answer. My mom came home at about 1:00 PM. Her white count was too low for the treatment. My sister convinced me to go see Amanda in person. I don't like to visit people, but I was worried enough to visit her. I called several times but never received an answer.
Anyway, I went to see Amanda. I saw her sister a few trailers up, running around. She saw me and ran. I knocked on the door repeatedly and didn't get an answer. I went to the other side and was trudging through the soggy grass when Amanda came around the corner. We talked for a bit. Then I left and told her to call on Sara's cell phone when her mother called her back.
Long story short -- she came around seven. I pointed out the geese and her sister is a brat. We talked for a while, then left for the property. Sara dug the hole and Amanda filled it up and put flowers on top of it.
Then we walked across the creek and walked barefoot all the way to the horse field. Glory is like a large dog. She loves attention and everyone loves to pet Glory.
We talked some more, then Amanda and her mom and sister left.
I went home, fed Buttons, and washed my muddy feet.

This is all.
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