June 27th, 2006


omg- FLOOD!

Oh God. I just had one of the most TERRIFYING experiences of my life.

We are FLOODED. To put it mildly.

Here's what happened. It's been really dry and hot for a while, but then this weekend the rain came. We were concerned about flooding, but it didn't seem too bad. Yesterday the creek was high, but it didn't get out of its banks. It rained last night, and I was keeping a good eye on the radar, and the storms seemed small and light, so I wasn't too worried. I got up this morning at a little after eight (I slept in, whoops). Looked outside, and some of the horses were across the creek (Meiling, Okage, Dulcinea, Diamondnita, and Gondolina) in the big pasture, and both Fresca and Quelpo were across the creek in the second pasture. The creek was no higher than it was yesterday, so I started using the computer, looking through my e-mail and stuff.

Father came in around 9:00, and told me Kelvar was missing. By then, the rain had gone from slight to heavy. Kelvar was hiding in the bushes under the porch, so I went back in. About thirty minutes later, Sara woke up and went outside to check on the horses. She was gone longer than I thought she should be, so I looked outside, and there was water EVERYWHERE. It rose several FEET in SECONDS. The creek was out, and it had flooded upstream, and all of the water there had swept over the sheep pen. We rushed out there and tried to move Odette (the new Angora goat) who was tied to the power pole. She had some high ground to get to, so we ran out to the pen and waded in. The water was up to my hips, and we finally got to the second gate. The chain wouldn't open. The goat and sheep were gonna drown, and I finally got the latch open. The sheep and goat ran out into the front yard, where the water was past their heads. Anar was literally swimming in it. We got them to the driveway, and they ran out to the yard.

While we were working with the ruminants, Fresca decided to cross the creek. I was so scared watching her. She was up to her head in the water, and even then it was washing her downstream. But she made it okay, and then Quelpo was missing! We were scared that he had tried to cross and couldn't make it, since the rain was still coming down pretty hard and the water kept rising. We raced back to the field, and he was still across the water, but he looked like he was going to go through. Meanwhile, a new problem was revealed. Dulcinea was on one side of the creek, and Inti (her daughter) was on the other. The baby is only three months old, and she kept crying and crying for her Mama. We were really worried that Meiling would try to take her foal through the water. Okage is not even a month old, and he wouldn't stand a chance if he got into the water. I told Sara, "If she takes that baby through the water, he will die!"

The scariest part happened while he were in knee-deep water, doing our best to keep Inti away from the creek. She was with Dreamer, and she was doing a good job of comforting the filly, but Inti was determined to get to her mother. She went down the edge of the bank, but she couldn't see where the creek started and fell in. It was soooo scary. She doesn't even weigh 300 lbs, and she was just being washed away, her little head bobbing up and down. Miraculously, she was able to get onto the bank, and back to safety. She was so scared, too. She didn't try it again. Dulcinea threw a fit, wanting to go in after her foal. Luckily she didn't. Yet.

After that, Father walked up the driveway and across the bridge, then through the top gate and opened the gate to where Quelpo was. He ran through, and after that we let Fresca into the other field. And then, for some reason, Father didn't shut the gate, and Meiling and baby ran into the second field (where Quelpo was). She walked right up to the creek and acted like she was going to cross. While Meiling and Quelpo were running around like fools, Dulcinea took it upon herself to cross the creek. She was nearly across by the time the current got her. She weighs nearly 900 pounds, and she was just washed away like nothing. Thankfully, the water pushed her back to the bank, and she was able to get to the "dry land." About this time, Bobby & Judy (the farrier and his wife) came by to help. Mama called them earlier, and they helped get Meiling out of the second pasture, and then in with Dulcinea and Quelpo. Inti is still crying for her. Bobby&Judy get halters on Meiling, Dulcinea, and Quelpo, and the plan is to walk them over the bridge, up the driveway, and into the third pasture. Chad (my cousin) comes by to help us.

Finally, FINALLY, it has nearly quit raining. There's just a little sprinkle in the air, and the water starts to recede. And because nothing is too horrible yet, Diamondnita decides it's time to dominate Fresca (this is their first time in the same field since last fall). She nearly runs her into the creek, and we're forced to put her (Diamondnita) in the roundpen. Fresca wants to cross the water to get back with Quelpo and Meiling, and she keeps crying for them. I hold onto her, and then Sara walks Dulcinea up the driveway. Inti doesn't even recognize her mother, or maybe she was confused? because it took her a long time to realize she was there. Then, we moved Dulcinea and Inti to the third pasture (on a hill, yay) and I nearly get flattened when Glory and Fresca have a spat. Then Glory and Ghaleon and Dreamer go to the top, and Gondolina runs down to the creek. By this time, we can actually see the edge of the bank, so I wasn't too worried about her falling in. I go after Fresca, who is back at the creek, crying for Meiling. Sara runs Gondolina up to the top field.

For some reason, Bobby/Judy/Father/Chad decides to put Quelpo in the neighbor's cow lot across the road. He flips out. Sara gets him and walks him up, and all the other horses start running around, crying. wtf? I let Diamondnita out of the roundpen, and we put Quelpo and Fresca in. Then, all that's left is Meiling and Okage. I was really concerned that the baby would get hurt on the bridge. He could easily dart off, or get his hooves between the boards. Everything was okay, though, and they made it to the top pasture. Finally. We put out some hay and checked on the horses in the barn, and by that time, the rain had picked up.

We didn't get back inside until 12:30. Now, at nearly 3:30, you can barely tell it even flooded. But it was bad. The road was closed a little farther down. It was up over our fence posts. It washed away a downed light pole. There is all sorts of debris stuck to the fences. Everything is soaked. Just wow. Still not as bad as the flood in Nov. 2003, though. But then we only had four adult horses. Not sixteen, with little ones, too. So now, the killer goat and sheep are still loose. I am nervous. -_- After it empties out some more, we'll put them back in the pen.

So. SCARY! We came very close to losing our horses, and sheep and goats. It was just a nightmare.

Some odd things came from it, though. Glory let Inti nurse from her. 0_0 Wow. That should never ever happen. It was just weird.

I am so glad everyone came out of it okay. I was nearly in tears.

[EDIT] Things keep getting better! Came back to the farm to find the neighbor's cows are loose in our yard! The fence is completely demolished between us. Wonderful.
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