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Bored today. Still watching The Twiight Zone.

I've been reading fiction and stuff lately. I didn't sleep well last night. I had a very anxious feeling all night. It was very weird -- I could just feel something about to happen. I got out my flashlight and peered through the laundry room windows to see if the birds were okay. They weren't upset or anything, so I went back to bed. There was a lightning bug in the room last night and it kept glowing. I was scared that it would crawl on me so I had my mom put it outside. I think it was happier out there.

That's about all, I guess. I'm kinda tired and everything. I don't really want to go the carnival or the fireworks display tonight. But I know I have to since I promised Sara I would.

Quote of the moment:
Until this morning, everything was normal. I was happy.
At least, I wasn't unhappy.
~No idea where it first appeared, but I'm taking this from The Twilight Zone, "A Penny for You Thoughts" 1961.
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