Kara-chan! カラ-ちゃん (burasama) wrote,
Kara-chan! カラ-ちゃん

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As fake as your engagement ring.

Oh well. It looks as though I've just been roped in to going to prom. Damn. I really hadn't intended to go. I just got off of a MSN chat with one of my friends that doesn't live here anymore, and she's going to prom and wants me to come since I haven't seen her in months. Damn.
I just finished reading a mushy Yamato and Takeru brotherly love fic that was supposed to have people in tears. It wasn't that sad. Anyway, :) , I think I'm going to write me a fic where Hikari gets knocked up at age 15. Sounds fun to write when she's not going to know who the father is.
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