Kara-chan! カラ-ちゃん (burasama) wrote,
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Why isn't "industrious" a choice for current mood?

I feel so good right now. Out of nowhere I had a sudden insight for a Kenkeru fic. And it doesn't have syphilis and an obsessive Mexican girl!!!
I just uploaded it. Hopefully I'll get flamed at least once before I write the last chapter to it, I haven't had a good flame in a long time. My fic's about suicide. It's also kind of dark... I forgot the part about the collar and leashes. Maybe I can squeeze it into the next chapter.
I just found a Taikari fic on the net that has promise. I haven't finished it yet, though I get the feeling that Hikari's going to be on the floor giving head to her brother before it's over....
Good night from la-la land!!!!!
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