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"You're so tough without your precious fruit, Turles." The female sneered...

Yay! I feel so proud of myself! I finished the fourth chapter to my Pan/Nappa fic, AND I have a good idea of everything I want to do in Chapter Five.
My sister's horse had an abcess in her foot. Ouch. At least she's getting better now. It's been raining a lot, so grass is growing again, and the creek is up to a reasonable level again.
I go back to school in less than a month. Ah. No. Help.
I wrote the lady I bought my horse from this week. She wrote me back and told me about her new foals. She has a perlino stud colt (eventually going to be used for breeding). I think she told me that there are only five breeding perlino morgans. I wonder what color a perlino and a palomino would make.
What a boring little life I lead.
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