Kara-chan! カラ-ちゃん (burasama) wrote,
Kara-chan! カラ-ちゃん

Hehe -- It's been forever.

I haven't written here in so long I've forgotten how.
Anyway, I was just browsing around in a certain fanfic category -- don't want to name the show, but it was anime. Anyway, I was a reading a description for one and the author had S&M in the description. I couldn't figure out why that person would rate a bondage fic 'G,' but didn't think it would be worth reading. Moving on, a few fics later I realize that S&M stands for a coupling. *Bad baka moment!!*
In other news, I'm convinced my nephew is homosexual (or at least bisexual) and is involved with a younger boy. My pervy little mind is having a field day every time I see them together. But HUSH HUSH, people. It's a secret.
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