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Rant Page

Crois moi, it's boring!

Kara-chan! カラ-ちゃん
5 August 1985
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I live in a rural community, on a farm. I raise horses. I speak with a hick accent -- no, that does not mean I'm stupid. Colloquial phrases have been known to leak into my entries. I am not religious, but most people in my area are. This doesn't make me very happy. I am a vegetarian. This doesn't mean I hate meat-eaters or will try to "convert" you. I have no taste in music. ^_^ It's okay, I can admit it.

I like having friends on LiveJournal. This does not mean that I will beg for them.

My policy on friending:
>Generally, if you friend me, I will friend you.
>I delete friends when I am deleted first or when I am personally attacked.
>I read everything my friends write, but don't get pissy if I don't comment a lot.

>>I will not friend someone who friends hundreds of people at one time. That doesn't tell me you have any interest in my life.

I am a generally friendly person. I don't appreciate religious zealots telling me that I'm going to hell. I don't appreciate people threatening to kill me or my pets. I don't appreciate children.

I like yaoi/shounen-ai/slash. I don't ask that everyone agree with me on this. I only ask that you respect my right to like whatever I wish. If this is a problem for you, I probably won't be much of a friend to you.

Tacky/weird LotR fanfiction and art is here.

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November 2006: I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year. This is the link to my profile.